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30 March 2009

How To “Tweak” Your Ads To Make Them “Click“ !!

(Summary of chapter 3, from book “Adsense Secret 4” by: Joel Comm)

Here`s another great book from Joel Comm, “Adsense Secret 4”, that help me find a solution how to make more money with Google Adsense on my blog. Cause you know, Im just a newbies on internet marketing and just trying to getting started with adsense… :)

I think in this book, you`ll find almost every page is bursting with Adsense tips, tricks and proven strategies. You`ll also find more information about SEO, traffic acquisition and other useful techniques that you can implement right away.

Here is some tips from this book about how to “tweak” your ads to make them “click” :

  1. Don't "Look" Like An Ad
    People don't visit your website for ads. They want good content.
    If you want people to click, make the ads look like an integral part of your content.

  2. Text Ads - Google’s Finest
    The most popular text ad is probably the leaderboard (728 x 90), you can put this ad blended into the top of the page beneath the navigation bar and sometimes placed between forum entries. Another popular text ad is large rectangles (336 x 280), you can put this ad embedded into the text on your article. The final types of recommended text ads is wide skyscraper (160 x 600), you can put this ad on the right hand edge of the screen, if you think about it, nearly all PC users are right handed. By placing the ads on the right hand edge it's psychologically 'less distance' between your right hand and the screen.

  3. Link Units - Great Little Stocking Fillers
    An ad format that has already proved its worth, when used correctly, is link units. Ad Link units have the potential to be profitable. They’re very small, almost unnoticeable... but when used well, they can be extremely effective. If you’re going to use an Ad Links unit campaign. You need to put them: On a site with a specific field of interest. A general site will give you general ads — and few clicks. Above the fold with few other links. For Ad Links, this is crucial: If your users are going to click a link, it should be a link that gives you money. There are two kinds of link units: vertical units and horizontal units. Vertical link units are great slotted into sidebars. They just look like a natural extension of the link list. But horizontal link units can be at least as effective. Since they were introduced, they really have become an extremely useful tool. Instead of piling the links one on top of the other—which is great for putting above lists of links but stand out too clearly when placed in text—the horizontal ads blend in perfectly when placed on pages with articles.

Here is the example, take a look at the picture below, you can see that there is a leaderboard, large rectangles and link unit combine together in one page, and above the fold;



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