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24 April 2009

Controlling Your Ads !! – Google Adsense

(Summary of chapter 6, from book “Adsense Secret 4” by: Joel Comm)

Here is some tips from this book about how to controlling your ads :

Attracting Relevant Ads
In theory, Google controls the ads that appear on your site. You don’t get to choose them at all. In practice, there are a few things that you can do to stop irrelevant ads from appearing and ensure that you get the ads that give you cash.

The more relevant the ads, the greater the chance that a user will click and you’ll earn money. The most important factor is obviously going to be your content. Google’s crawlers will check your site and serve up ads based on the keywords and the content on your page.

Bear in mind that Google’s crawlers can’t read graphics or Flash or pretty much anything that isn’t text. Remember that if you want to keep your ads relevant, you’ve got to have the sort of page that Google can understand and use to give you the ads you want.

Keep the Title, Directory And Headlines Relevant
When you create your pages and view them on your computer before uploading them to the server, you should find that AdSense serves up ads related to the name of the directory that holds the page. That gives a pretty big clue as to at least one of the things that Google is looking at: the name of the directory.

Actually, it’s not just the name of the directory that’s important. The name of the file plays a big part too. If you find that the ads that are appearing on your site have nothing to do with your content, the first places to look are your directory and your title. Make them more relevant to your content and you should find that you get better ads.

Keyword Density
You’ll need the right keywords to get the right ads. But you’ll also need the right amount of keywords. There’s no golden rule for putting the right number of keywords on a page to get the ads you want. You’ll just have to experiment. It also seems to be the case that keyword density is counted across pages, especially for high-paying keywords.

In general though, if you find that your ads are missing the point of your page and that your titles are all correct, then the next step would be to try mentioning your keywords more often and make sure that they’re all finely focused.

Keyword Placement
It shouldn’t really matter where you put your keywords, should it? As long as the right words are on the right page in the right amount of numbers, that should be enough to get you relevant ads, right? Wrong.

The most important place on your webpage is directly beneath the AdSense box. The keywords you place there could influence your ads.



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