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20 March 2009

Making Money from Affiliate Programs

by: Joel Comm (from book;`Built A Website Fast`)

An affiliate program enables you to earn a commission by selling other people`s products.

One the greatest advantages of signing up with an affiliate program is that it`s hands free income. You don`t have to worry about setting up your own eCommerce gateway or worry about product development, order tracking, inventory, shipping etc.

All you have to do is to stick a link or an ad which takes people to the website selling the product. With each referral that translates into sale, you make a sfecific amount of money bas on the product price. Usually, the more you sell, the higher your commission per sale. One of the most popular affiliate program is run by and also

You can create some great targeted content for your website by selling books listed on Amazon. If any of the referrals converts to book sales, you make a commission equivalent to 15% of the purchase price-that the cost of the book (minus shipping). Thus if someone buys book worth $100, you would make $15 off the transaction. Most website selling digital products can offer up a much higher commission.

Where to find affiliate programs?
How does earning commissions from,, and many other leading merchants sound? If that excites you, you will want to continue your search for affiliate programs at and, where thousand of merchant are seeking affiliates to pay.


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