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05 April 2009

Using Color To Increase Your “Clicks“ !!

(Summary of chapter 4, from book “Adsense Secret 4” by: Joel Comm)

Here is some tips from this book about how to using color on ads to increase your clicks:
  • Design your website or blog to highlight adsense
    You don’t have to make all the pages on your website identical (or black). But if you're using AdSense, be judicious in the selection of fonts, font size, colors, images, tables and other visual aspects of your website.
    Draw subtle attention to your AdSense units. Make them the stars of your show!
  • Make the border go!
    You can more than DOUBLE your click-throughs with this one simple tweak! Even before the internet, ads in newspapers and magazines were marked off with a thick, heavy border. No wonder borders and boxes have come to symbolize advertising messages. Here’s the example;

    In other words use the colors to make sure that your ads don't look like ads!
  • Blue is the best
    The logic is that users have come to expect links on websites to be blue. Just as they expect stop signs to be red and warning signs to be yellow, so they expect their links to blue.
    That means people are more likely to click on a blue link than a link in any other color.
  • Deliberate mismatching
    When it comes to choosing colors, use 3-way matching (tiltle, text and background) and using blue for the links. But there is another strategy that you can use.



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