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16 March 2009

Getting Started With Affiliates Programs

by: Joel Comm (from book;`Built A Website Fast`)

It`s easy to set up an affiliate program on your website or blog!

All you have to do is to;

Visit the website offering the affiliate program and sign up as an affiliate.
Display the merchandise on your website or blog. You might be provided with the actual text and graphics to use, or you might create your own sales pitch.
Create links to the original web page, which will transition your referrals into sales. The link will contain some unique affiliate code that will enable the tracking software to know where the referral came from.
Many affiliate programs will provide you with your account where you can log in to monitor your refferals, sales and accumulated commissions.

Catch up on a affiliate news, reviews, resources and exhaustive listings of affiliate programs on these website, and



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