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19 March 2009

Tips to Maximize Your Affiliate Income

by: Joel Comm (from book;`Built A Website Fast`)

  1. Pick a program that`s relevant to your web content. Visitors will look upon your recommendations as added values.
  2. Endorse the product! Don`t make your affiliate program end up looking like an ad. Make a personal recommendation and helpful tips, reviews etc to encourage visitors to click your affiliate link. You might even provide a small cash back incentive to entice people to buy from your link.
  3. Make shopping a pleasure for your visitors! Be an enthusiastic seller, offering lots of product choices. Make your web store irresistible with a neat layout, attractive graphics and action oriented text.
  4. Monitor your conversion ratios to see which tactics maximize your affiliate sales.
  5. Keep signing up with new programs to see which ones make you the most money!



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