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13 June 2009

Blog Post; Quality or Quantity ???

I always thinking and ask to my self when I want to write some blog posts, whether should I write quality posts three or four times a week or a whole bunch of posts (10 to 30) a week. I think this is a question that can be answered by looking at other blogs and you could compare that with yourself when you come up with writing some article.

If you are a fulltime Blogger, the blog I want you to look at is , this is a site that you must look after for learning all about whole stuff internet. If you look way back in his archives you’ll notice at one time he was writing around 10 posts a day seven days a week. That’s around 70 posts a week. His philosophy for this was a good one.

He believed that the more posts he wrote the better chance he had of people finding him through search engines. I tend to agree with this philosophy because when you’re writing about a certain topic not everyone is going to like every article you write. But if you are writing one or two posts a day then you are going to have a better chance of satisfying the reader with one of your articles that day.

You will find that people do not want to spend time reading a very long article and lot of times quality articles are lengthy. There is a tendency for a person that is searching the Internet to stay on a website for 30 seconds. So a good short blog post would probably allow them to want to read more. Better yet, if you have two new articles a day then they more likely to click on one of your headlines that is the most interesting to see them.

For me, I just could write two or three blog posts a week (he..he..he..), I think that’s good enough for me to deal with my primary job because I not a fulltime Blogger, and I always hope that my article could satisfying the reader. If I must write two or three blog posts a day, I think I’m still not capable, I don’t know about you guys???

The quality article will not matter unless that specific post pertains to what they are actually searching for.

Remember: You can always write a quality article even it’s a short article…

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