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27 May 2009

6 Things Bloggers Need To Do Right Now

by Franklin Bishop

So here are 6 things all you bloggers need to do right now:

1. Frequent Updates
To become a successful blogger you’ll want to update on a regular basis. People these days do not want wait two or three days for a new article from you. They continuously are looking for blogs that are updated at least once a day. The more articles you write a better chance people will find you also.

2. Comment Posting
Like I have said many times, commenting on other blogs will bring you the readers you’re looking for. Just make sure that you are commenting on blogs that are in your niche. Find the top bloggers in your niche and visit their blogs regularly to see how they’re going ahead with their blogs. Also, make sure to leave comments on every new post they make without spamming.

3. Forums Contribution
It is best to go on a search engine and try to find some of the top forums in your niche. You can then add your blog URL in your signature on most forums. When you add your blog address in your signature section make sure you do not spam the forum with any unrelated links from your blog in your replies.

4. Social Media Sites
I would really recommend spending one hour a day on top social media sites. You should really try to develop your profile on these social news sites by submitting the popular stories you find around the Internet. Make sure not to just submit your own articles. This will make you look like a spammer and any work on social media sites you do will be a waste.

5. Blog Directories
Make a quick search on Google or another search engine to find the top blog directories in general and in your niche. Make sure to submit your blog to these blog directories. They only take you a couple of minutes to submit to each blog directory and even though it will bring minimal traffic why not just take a couple of minutes and sign up to each one.

6. Link Exchange
Make a quick list of bloggers in your niche and some top bloggers in general. Try to send them a polite e-mail requesting that you’re interested in exchanging links with them. There are many bloggers who will be interested in exchanging links with you. Even though this is one of my least favorite things to actually do it does work for many bloggers. You never know so why not try.

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