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17 April 2009

“Help! Google Won’t Index My Blog!’’ - A Troubleshooter’s Checklist II

by: Joel Comm (from book;`Build A Website Fast`)

If you found with some of these related problems, check your blog with these common mistakes:

  1. Is your blog interactive?
    For some reason, search spiders prefer static pages. An interactive blog with dynamically generated pages, cookies and other user-friendy features can turn your blog into spider forsaken territory.
  2. Spider hate dynamic pages!
    Some search spiders are programmed to avoid dynamic pages because thousands of such pages can be creates on-the-fly, with almost identical content. This repetitive content amounts to search engine spam and is therefore deemed avoidable by search engines.
    If you want to get your dynamic pages indexed, make your URLs resemble static URLs. If that’s too complicated for your server administrator, make sure you include a few static pages with the sole purpose of being indexed by the search engines.
  3. Do you suffer from broken backlinks?
    If your once-high PageRank seems to drop suddenly, it could be because some of your old content (with had other blogs linking to it) was moved or removed. Fix it and see the difference it makes to your Pagerank.
  4. Are your the backlinks relevant?
    Link relevance is important too. Link from pages with related content are more valuable from the search optimization perspective. Similarly, a link pointing to your page from a link farm can get your blog penalized (delisted) by Google.
  5. Don’t spam Google with ‘search engine bait’?
    Your page might be dropped if Google considers your content as search engine spam. If you have been using any ‘sneaky’ SEO tactics to jack up your search rangkings or keyword density, clean up your act and write to google. Even if you’re completely innocent, do write to google anyway and ask to be included.


utie said...

silahkan kang :)
maaf nih saya agak2 oon inglis na :(

utie said...

kuk cma posting komen di shoutmix???
saya aja gk pernah teriak di shoutmix apapun postingan org yg saya datangi blognya :(
tp gpp lah :(

utie said...

gpp kuk' om... makasih udah mo mampir yupp, finaly :) itu bhsa Perancis om, kebetulan dpt pelajaran nya di scula :) masih berantakan kuk om :)
mksh yupp udah mampir nglongok ke dlm :)

saya off duluan yupp :) ciao!

genial said...

blogwalking before i've got to sleep :)
nice blog :) have a gorgeous weekend to you :)

usam said...

i blog normally, then google index my blog :)

ebenk789 said...

Waduh.. kok bisa..?? Mungkin terlalu banyak link dari luar dibandingkan dengan posting mas..!!


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