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07 October 2008

Identifying the Best Affiliate Programs

When we are ready to get into the bandwagon and earn through affiliate marketing programs, we should be confident of the program that we enroll into. But is there a checklist that any one can follow to identify the best affiliate programs? Yes, I guess there is.

The affiliate’s products should be the result of actual need
The products that the affiliate is selling should be an outcome of the consumer research that identifies products based on the consumer needs. Anything that the customer actually needs will sell like pancakes. For example, products on men’s health will be quite successful in the market where (due to sexual problems) marriages are in trouble. Similarly weight loss products will do well for an target group of obese people.

The Program should offer the best services
Next thing to see is whether the affiliate program supports the affiliate with services. A good program offers services like guidance on setting up the business, free web hosting, web site development etc. A good program has a pool of such tools ready for the affiliates to minimize the time taken in starting their business.

The Program pays you well and in time
A good affiliate program pays your dues in time and gives you a good commission. Good affiliate programs have a tiered structure of payment. They pay you not only for the sales you make but also pay you for referring friends and family to the program. The schedule of payments should be convenient for the affiliate. An affiliate should also identify if there is a hidden term or condition. A program which maintains transparency will give u the maximum long term benefits.



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